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2021 China Toothbrush Sterilizer Market Analysis Report

Toothbrush sterilizer mainly refers to a tool that uses ultraviolet radiation to sterilize toothbrushes. It has the function of keeping the toothbrush clean and hygienic. Compared with the traditional salt water disinfection, it has the advantages of thorough sterilization and convenient operation. According to the type of installation, it is divided into three types: wall-mounted, portable, and desktop; the wall-mounted toothbrush sterilizer has the highest market share. According to different charging methods, toothbrush sterilizers can be divided into two types: plug-in and battery-type. Among them, plug-in toothbrush sterilizers occupy the mainstream market, with a market share of about 65%.

Since 2020, affected by the new crown epidemic, people have further deepened their attention to basic health and safety. At the same time, with consumers’ increasing awareness of oral health care, gradual improvement in spending power, residents’ increasing attention to disinfection, and increasing awareness of toothbrush sterilizers, coupled with the rapid development of sales channels such as e-commerce, my country’s toothbrush The demand for sterilizers continues to grow, and the market scale continues to expand.

Toothbrush is a kind of brush used to clean teeth, and it is a must-have item in people's daily life. In recent years, as people pay more and more attention to oral health, since 2014, my country's apparent demand for toothbrushes has shown an overall growth trend. Data show that the apparent demand for toothbrushes in my country is 4.97 billion, a year-on-year increase of 24.5%.

Regarding electric toothbrushes, although entering 2021, the period of growth of healthy small household appliances brought about by the epidemic has passed. The sales market of electric toothbrushes in my country is relatively weak, but it is expected that in an environment with a large population base, with the penetration rate of electric toothbrushes in my country With continuous improvement, the long-term trend of the market will not change, so in a healthy environment, the market for toothbrush sterilizers will also expand. According to data, the sales volume of my country's electric toothbrush market in the first half of 2021 was 17.56 million, a year-on-year decrease of 19.7%.

The "2021 China Toothbrush Sterilizer Market Analysis Report-Research on Market Status and Investment Potential" released by Guanyan Report.com covers the latest industry data, market hotspots, policy planning, competitive intelligence, market forecasts, investment strategies, etc. It is also supplemented by a large number of intuitive charts to help companies in this industry accurately grasp the industry development trend, market business dynamics, and correctly formulate corporate competition strategies and investment strategies. This report is based on authoritative data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the General Administration of Customs, and the National Information Center, as well as our center’s field research on the industry, combined with the industry’s environment, from theory to practice, from macro to micro, etc. Conduct market research and analysis from perspective.

Industry reports are one of the important decision-making basis for industry enterprises, related investment companies and government departments to accurately grasp industry development trends, gain insight into industry competition patterns, avoid operating and investment risks, and make correct competition and investment strategic decisions. This report is an indispensable tool for comprehensive understanding of the industry and investment in this industry. Guanyan Tianxia is a well-known industry information consulting organization in China. It has a team of experienced experts. Over the years, it has provided professional industry analysis reports for tens of thousands of enterprises, consulting organizations, financial institutions, industry associations, and individual investors. Covering domestic and foreign industry leaders such as Huawei, PetroChina, China Telecom, China State Construction, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, etc., and has been widely recognized by customers.

The data in this research report mainly uses national statistical data, the General Administration of Customs, questionnaire survey data, and data collected by the Ministry of Commerce and other databases. Among them, macroeconomic data mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics, some industry statistics mainly come from the National Bureau of Statistics and market research data, enterprise data mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics of large-scale enterprises statistical database and stock exchanges, etc., and price data mainly comes from various markets. Monitoring database. The industry analysis methods used in this research report include Porter’s five forces model analysis method, SWOT analysis method, and PEST analysis method to conduct a comprehensive internal and external environmental analysis of the industry. At the same time, senior analysts analyze the current national economic situation and market development. Trends and current industry hotspot analysis, predict the future development direction of the industry, emerging hotspots, market space, technology trends and future development strategies.