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253.7nm UV sterilization

The wavelength of the external uv germicidal lamp is 254nm (253.7nm), also called short-wave ultraviolet light, which is very destructive to microorganisms. When the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is used to irradiate the bacteria, the nuclear protein and ribonucleic acid (DNA) of the bacterial cell are strong Absorb the energy of this wave band, thereby opening and breaking the chain between them, causing bacteria to die. Quartz germicidal lamp is made of quartz glass. The ultraviolet rays it emits can effectively kill viruses. It is used for air sterilization, water sterilization, fish tank sterilization, homes, schools, hospitals, etc. There is an ozone germicidal lamp of 253.7+185nm, which emits ultraviolet rays, and ozone is produced, which can kill bacteria that cannot be irradiated by ultraviolet rays. For example, it is used for disinfection of disinfection cabinets, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, hairdressing tools, etc.

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Its characteristics: it can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria. It can be used in water treatment, hospitals, ultraviolet sterilizers, ultraviolet sterilizers, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops, microbiological laboratories, nurseries, schools; it can also be used in poultry farms to prevent avian influenza; used in pig pens and dairy farms , Improve the physique of pigs and cattle; used in the aquarium series, mainly used in fish ponds or water cluster boxes for breeding fish with ornamental value, and can also be used in pools and fish ponds, filtration, water treatment, and large Small pools, swimming pools, hot springs.