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Analysis of characteristics and application scope of medium pressure ultraviolet sterilizer

The characteristics of the medium pressure UV Sterilizer system are briefly listed: multi-wavelength ultraviolet rays, effectively control microorganisms in the water, effectively degrade the disinfection by-products of other disinfectants such as trihalomethanes and compound chlorine (chloramines) in the water, and effectively improve the water quality. Moreover, the ultraviolet disinfection equipment has the advantages of no secondary pollution, environmentally sound, low energy consumption, low cost, and easy operation!

Application of medium pressure ultraviolet disinfection equipment in drinking water and sewage

Ultraviolet disinfection technology is widely used in the disinfection process of drinking water and municipal sewage. Conventional chemical disinfectants will produce harmful disinfection by-products to a certain extent while sterilizing, and the mature UV disinfection technology is characterized by: it can effectively inactivate viruses and harmful microorganisms in water, and there is no associated disinfection by-products, With the continuous improvement of UV disinfection products, they are also gradually favored by end users and domestic designers.

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Application description of medium pressure ultraviolet disinfection equipment in swimming pool water treatment:

Medium pressure UV technology is determined according to the pressure of the inert gas filled inside the lamp tube, which is different from traditional UV technology. The special advantages of medium pressure UV sterilizers are as follows:

a. The output wavelength range of the medium-pressure high-intensity UV lamp is wide, between 230nm-370nm, including the 245nm, 297nm and 340nm wavelengths required to reduce chloramine. Effective control of chloramines can better protect the safety of staff and swimmers, and effectively avoid structural corrosion that may be caused by excessive chloramine concentrations in swimming pools.

It can effectively promote the decomposition of chloramines and other organic substances through photo-oxidation. The effective decomposition of chloramines by medium-pressure ultraviolet rays can reach more than 74%.

b. The medium-pressure ultraviolet lamp has a wide wavelength range and has an effective killing effect on all known bacteria. It is ideal for the medium-pressure ultraviolet light to meet the bactericidal effect of the low-load slightly polluted water body such as the swimming pool.

c. The effect of temperature on the sterilization effect. Generally, the water temperature of the swimming pool is 26-28 degrees Celsius or higher, which is higher than the general disinfection method and the evaluation temperature of the disinfectant effect. Generally, the sewage and tap water are lower than this temperature. The generation efficiency and amount of medium-pressure ultraviolet rays are basically not affected by temperature, and can work normally under the condition of water temperature from 0-60 degrees Celsius to ensure the effect of removing chloramines and sterilizing.

d. Effectively improve the UV penetration rate of swimming pool water quality. The penetration rate is one of the main criteria for evaluating water quality. When ultraviolet rays pass through the water layer, the substances in the water (including inorganic or organic substances) will absorb the intensity of the ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the intensity of the ultraviolet rays. The transmittance is not exactly the same as the chromaticity and turbidity. Turbidity is only a representation of suspended matter in water and cannot represent dissolved substances in water. Ultraviolet rays can destroy some of the structures that can cause turbidity in the water, and can also oxidize organic matter in the water, so that combined with the filtration process, the penetration rate of water can be continuously improved. In related reports, medium-pressure UV light can increase the penetration rate of water quality from 75% to more than 97%.