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Analysis of the development of self-cleaning filters

Self-cleaning filter is a widely used equipment in the water treatment industry. Its simple design and good performance enable sewage to achieve the best filtering effect. The main components are: motor, electric control box, control pipeline, main pipe assembly, filter element assembly, 316L stainless steel brush, frame assembly, drive shaft, inlet and outlet connection flanges, etc. The self-cleaning filter overcomes many shortcomings of traditional filtration products, such as small dirt holding capacity, easy to be blocked by dirt, the filter part needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and the filter status cannot be monitored. It has the function of filtering raw water and automatically cleaning and discharging the filter element. In addition, the system provides uninterrupted water supply when cleaning and discharging sewage, which can monitor the working state of the filter and has a high degree of automation. It covers the needs of various filtration precisions from 10um to 3000um.

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Self-cleaning filter, operation and control can automatically clean and filter without any external energy, and automatically discharge sewage. Continuous flow during backwashing, the cleaning and filtration cycle can be adjusted, the default self-cleaning filtration time is 10-60/s, the water loss in cleaning and filtration only accounts for 0.08-0.6% of the filtered water; the filtration accuracy can reach 10-3000 microns; the working pressure can be Up to 1.0-1.6Mpa; flow per unit: 4-4160m³/h. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, and upside down in any direction and in any position, and can be used for water filtration in various industries such as industry, agriculture, municipal power, electronics, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, and papermaking.

The self-cleaning filter is a kind of precision equipment that uses the filter screen to directly intercept impurities, floating objects, particles, etc. in the liquid, while reducing the turbidity of the water, reducing dirt, and ensuring the normal operation and service life of the equipment behind it. The characteristics of sewage.

Self-cleaning filtration technology is a new type of filtration technology developed in the late 1970s. Its main advantage is that it can use water pressure to operate and clean itself, and the filtration does not stop during cleaning. Compared with traditional filters The following characteristics: high degree of automation; small pressure loss; no need to manually remove the filter residue. Self-cleaning filters are suitable for separation and filtration in industrial, agricultural, municipal, and seawater desalination processes.