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Application knowledge of ozone sterilizer

In drinking pure water systems, we often use ozone for sterilization, because ozone is not only efficient in sterilizers, but also can continue to sterilize. The remaining ozone is decomposed into oxygen by itself and will not cause harm to the human body. Let me introduce the occurrence of ozone. Related knowledge of the machine:

1. The method of producing ozone

At present, the ozone generators used by manufacturers of various drinking pure water and mineral water mainly include:

1.1 Using air as the gas source, the air is compressed, condensed, filtered, dried and other pretreatments and purified, and then enters the high-voltage discharge tube. In the high-voltage discharge environment, some oxygen molecules in the air are excited to decompose into oxygen atoms, and oxygen atoms and oxygen atoms ( Or oxygen atoms and oxygen molecules) combine to generate ozone. The main disadvantage of this method is the noise.

1. 2 Use pure oxygen as the gas source, dry silica gel and enter the discharge tube to produce ozone gas. The ozone produced by the oxygen source generator is high in concentration, pure and noiseless, and can overcome the easy use of the air source generator after a period of use. Disadvantages of peculiar smell produced by treated water. The disadvantage is that the oxygen cylinder needs to be replaced frequently.

2. Mixing technology of ozone and pure water

There are two ways to mix ozone and pure water:

2.1 The ozone mixing tower is mixed, and ozone is mixed with water in the ozone-water in the ozone mixing tower to form filling water. Generally, the ozone is fully cut into small bubbles through the air distribution plate, so that the water and ozone components are mixed.

2.2 The ozone first enters the water ejector (Venturi tube), and then is fully mixed with water in a fixed spiral mixer under turbulent flow. This method has the advantages of high mass transfer coefficient, high ozone concentration in water, and small footprint, and is more suitable for equipment using oxygen as a gas source.

3. Control after mixing ozone and water to before filling

The half-life of ozone in the water after mixing with pure water mainly depends on the water temperature, the higher the water temperature, the shorter the half-life; the lower the water temperature, the longer the half-life. Generally between 15 and 40 minutes. This puts higher requirements on the technological process of enterprises producing pure drinking water. The unreasonable process flow and production control of some production enterprises are the reason for the low ozone concentration of the filling water.

Factors affecting the sterilization effect of ozone sterilizer

The ozone sterilizer uses oxygen or air as the gas source. After the air is compressed, condensed, filtered, and dried, the air enters the high-voltage discharge tube. In the high-voltage discharge environment, some oxygen molecules in the air are excited and decomposed into oxygen atoms. Atoms and oxygen atoms (or oxygen atoms and oxygen molecules) combine to generate ozone. The ozone aqueous solution formed by the mixture of ozone and water has a strong bactericidal effect. It can quickly and widely kill a variety of microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus, bacterial spores, Aspergillus niger, yeast and other microorganisms are killed. In actual production, the concentration of ozone water poured into the barrel or bottle should be above 0.5mg/L, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed to kill the microorganisms remaining on the packaging material. It is likely to cause such a result: The antibacterial effect of the concentration of ozone, the detection rate of live bacteria is low, but after a week of storage, due to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, the detection rate during the retest may be high.

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The sterilization effect of ozone mainly depends on the content of ozone in the water. The higher the content of ozone in the water, the better the sterilization effect. The concentration of ozone in the water depends on the concentration of ozone gas entering the water, the water temperature and the degree of ozone dispersion in the water. When the concentration of ozone gas introduced is higher, the water temperature is lower, and the degree of ozone dispersion in the water is higher. The more fully the ozone and water are mixed, the higher the ozone content in the water, the better the sterilization effect will naturally be.

Advantages of mobile ozone generator:

1. Fast response and low dosage. Ozone can quickly kill bacteria, spores, and viruses that cannot be removed by the sand filter, and has a sterilization and inactivation effect at very low concentrations;

2. Strong adaptability, within the range of PH5.6-9.8 and water temperature of 0-37℃, it has little effect on the disinfection performance of ozone;

3. There is no permanent residue in the water, ozone is decomposed into oxygen, and there is no secondary pollution;

4. The half-life of ozone is very short, only twenty minutes;

5. It can destroy the organic matter in the water, improve the physical properties and organ feeling of the water, and perform decolorization and deodorization to make the water blue without changing the natural properties of the water.