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Application of ozone generator in modern disinfection industry

In modern industry, food industry and daily life, we often encounter ozone disinfection equipment. We often use ozone generators in water treatment, purification, disinfection, and bottom BOD and COD environmental protection projects. Its sterilization and disinfection effect is remarkable, and it has become a new generation of non-secondary pollution disinfection equipment.

The society and the public generally have a high degree of recognition of ozone generator. Why do people place special emphasis on ozone generators in many air purification equipment? First of all, we must start with its design. Compared with other air purification products, the ozone generator has a more in-depth application of environmental protection concepts. It is not like other purification products that basically use chemical substances or elements for auxiliary operations. Although chemical substances can indeed eliminate toxic and harmful air, chemical substances often cause secondary pollution to people. However, the ozone generator is completely physically operated. It only needs a simple process of producing ozone to release ozone molecules and play a role in the air. The ozone molecules can destroy the structural membrane of toxic substances. After the sterilization is completed, the ozone molecules It is automatically converted into oxygen, so there is no secondary pollution to the air. Ozone sterilization is rapid, the effect is more pure and thorough, and it is easy to operate and easy to use.

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Such efficient, simple, and superb performance ozone generators are used in all aspects of production and life, such as indoor air purification, sewage treatment, and food preservation. At the same time, the ozone generator is also the most cost-effective among similar products, which is inseparable from its technical performance and wide applicability. The concept of environmental protection is spreading, and the cause of environmental protection is the goal of humankind's endless struggle. Therefore, the future of ozone generators will be broader.