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Application of ultraviolet photochemistry

In the field of chemical synthesis, photochemical processes are especially suitable for making reactions proceed quickly and selectively. By choosing different lamps or using filtering techniques, not only can the spectral range be limited, but also chemical reactions can be selectively performed.

Synthetic photochemistry can not only carry out reactions in batch reactors or direct flow reactors, but also carry out large-scale or small-scale reactions. Contrary to the thermal process, the light-induced reaction can be carried out at room temperature, so that even unstable and sensitive materials can be processed. Risk and scrap rate can be minimized. The use of micro-photoreactor not only realizes the reaction process that meets the requirements, but also can process important (such as explosive dangerous) substances.

Introduction of UV Sterilizer Lamp

(1) Ultraviolet lamp type: low pressure and high intensity, solid mercury alloy lamp, the lamp tube can be preheated to search the life of the lamp tube.

(2) The warranty life of the UV lamp tube is ≥12,000 hours. The service life of the lamp depends on the conditions of the system.

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(3) The ultraviolet lamp adopts a 253.7nm low-pressure high-intensity low-pressure ultraviolet lamp, which has less clutter and low energy consumption. The power of each new lamp is 320W (including the power consumption of the ballast and other auxiliary electrical equipment).

(4) The output intensity of a single UV lamp can be adjusted between 50%-100%, and the way of changing the output of a single UV lamp is stepless adjustment.

(5) The intensity of the ultraviolet lamp tube at the sewage temperature of 3 to 35 ℃, the change in height is less than 3%.

(6) The lamp filament adopts a clip-on design, and its unique crimping style can be shockproof.

(7) The circuit connection part is only at one end of the lamp tube, which is convenient for replacement.

(8) There are four insertion points at each connection to ensure leakage prevention and short circuit between lines.

(9) The lamp tube is a zero ozone ultraviolet lamp.