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Are photocatalyst mosquito killers harmful to pregnant women?

Science has proved that the carbon dioxide exhaled by animals is the only substance that attracts mosquitoes. Photocatalyst mosquito killer lamp is a photocatalyst that uses the light frequency that attracts mosquitoes and simulates the smell of animals. The air attracts the mosquitoes from the viewing angle and the smelly corner, and then is sucked up by the silent fan, so that the mosquitoes are dried and dehydrated to death. It truly achieves the advantages of being effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and free of toxic fumes. After using the farm for a few days, the number of mosquitoes in the breeding area of ​​2,000 square meters decreased by 90%. After continuous use for one month, the number of mosquitoes in the farm of 2,000 square meters decreased by about 95%.

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Photocatalyst mosquito killer lamps are completely harmless to humans and animals. The general chemical mosquito control methods use insecticides, citronella oil, pyrethrins, etc., which will cause potential harm to people and the surrounding environment. The photocatalyst mosquito killing lamp is completely different from the general method. It does not use any chemicals. It is a pure physical mosquito killing method, which is 100% friendly to the environment, especially suitable for families with pregnant women and children; Pregnant women have a 21% faster respiration rate, higher body temperature and other physiological changes, and are more vulnerable to opportunistic actions by mosquitoes.