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Attention should be paid to the concentration control in the practical application of ozone disinfection cabinet

Ozone disinfection has been widely used in water treatment, air purification, food processing, medical treatment, medicine, aquaculture and other fields. It has greatly promoted the development of these industries. The principle is to use high-voltage electricity or chemical reactions to make the air Part of the oxygen decomposes and polymerizes into ozone, which is a process of allotropic transformation of oxygen. The speed and effect of ozone sterilization are yes. Its high redox potential determines its wide application in oxidation, decolorization and deodorization.

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The Ozone Sterilizer can be widely used in the room temperature disinfection and sterilization of packaging containers, work clothes, cleaning utensils, raw and auxiliary materials, molds, etc. in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biological products factories, cosmetics factories, food factories and other industries. Industrial and health beverage companies are a good helper in meeting production standards such as GMP certification, FDA certification and HACCP certification. Their advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The ozone disinfection cabinet adopts an enamel tube high-concentration ozone generating device, with high ozone concentration, thorough disinfection and sterilization, program control, and automatic disinfection and sterilization;

2. The ozone disinfection cabinet is equipped with a booster pump, which is filled into the cavity in the form of self-purifying pressure air pulsation to promote ozone penetration sterilization (for powder, combined split type, small-mouth packaging container, raw and auxiliary materials can be sterilized Require);

3. The inner and outer shells of the ozone disinfection cabinet are made of stainless steel, which can be designed as double doors and double door interlocking according to user requirements to replace the transmission window.

In practical applications, low-concentration ozone has a good disinfection and sterilization effect, but ozone can also endanger human health. When a certain amount of ozone is accidentally inhaled, it will strongly stimulate the human respiratory tract, causing sore throat, chest tightness, coughing, bronchitis and emphysema; ozone can cause nerve poisoning, dizziness, headache, decreased vision, and memory loss; Ozone can destroy the vitamin E in human skin, causing human skin to wrinkle and appear dark spots; ozone can also destroy the human body’s immune function, induce lymphocyte chromosome disease, accelerate aging, and cause pregnant women to give birth to deformities. Precautions must be taken when using ozone for disinfection.

The above is the introduction of the editor on the ozone disinfection cabinet. If you want to know more about the ozone disinfection cabinet, please contact our company directly.