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Briefly describe the different maintenance methods of ozone sterilizers in bed units

The bed unit ozone sterilizer is mainly composed of stainless steel enamel ozone tube, module high-voltage power supply, hydrogen peroxide atomization device, humidification device, water storage tank, air pump, analysis device, connecting pipeline, large screen Chinese touch screen operation monitoring system, cabinet composition. The equipment uses an air pump to fill the ozone gas produced by the stainless steel enamel ozone tube and the atomized hydrogen peroxide gas into the medical pipeline for joint disinfection (it can also be filled with ozone gas separately for disinfection), and then through the air pump after the disinfection The remaining ozone gas and hydrogen peroxide gas in the medical pipeline are discharged, and analyzed and reduced by the analysis device (the sterilized medical pipeline can be humidified by the humidification device before disinfection).

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The bed unit ozone sterilizer adopts a large-screen LCD display of a microcomputer operation control system to control and observe the sterilization process. Fully automatic liquid addition reduces intermediate links and direct contact between the human body and the disinfectant. Disinfecting equipment with circulation circuits, especially the anesthesia machine circuit, can effectively reduce the colonization of germs in the anesthesia machine circuit, thereby reducing the incidence of diseases such as VAP, heat source response, HBV, HCV infection and other diseases.

So what are the maintenance types of ozone sterilizers in bed units?

1. Basic maintenance

Panel (grid + display) and inner and outer frame: During long-term use, dust will be deposited in the ventilation part of the panel. According to incomplete statistics, the surface dust will exceed 0.15mm if the surface is not cleaned for a year, thereby reducing ventilation and increasing energy consumption.

2. In-depth maintenance

Dust separator: Mainly used for filtering particulate matter, etc., during long-term use, all filtering matters are deposited in the corresponding grid. Need to go through the process of initial washing, enzyme washing, drying, and low temperature sterilization.

Plasma: A layer of biofilm will be formed on the surface when used for a long time. A simple cleaning method can only remove surface dust and visible particles. It must be sterilized by high-level disinfection with strong acids and alkalis, or through high and low temperature sterilization treatments. Attached microorganisms. Primary effect, medium effect, filter: long-term use will make the activated carbon lose its activity, and it does not have filtering or adsorption functions, and it is replaced during maintenance.

3. Movement maintenance

It has professional cleaning and disinfection equipment and cleaning and disinfection traceability management system, strict production process operation system, rigorous quality standards and control, etc. to provide services for the maintenance of the movement.

I hope that the above content can help you understand this device better.