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Briefly introduce the working principle of the mosquito killer

The environmentally friendly mosquito killer is a mosquito killer that does not need to use any chemical mosquito killer. It is a new generation of high-efficiency and environmentally friendly mosquito killer that absorbs foreign advanced technology and carries out a number of technical improvements. An environmentally friendly and pollution-free high-efficiency hunting tool developed by mosquitoes that are phototaxis, move with the airflow, are sensitive to temperature, and like to gather, especially chasing carbon dioxide and looking for sex pheromone. It is a relatively environmentally friendly way to kill mosquitoes.

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Harmful flying insects, mosquitoes and flies have a phototaxis habit. Electric shock mosquito traps are aimed at this habit, adopting internationally recognized safety boost technology and special mosquito trap ultraviolet light tubes to form a clean, environmentally friendly and efficient , Fully automated mosquito and fly trap.

Physical trap, no irritating odor: Use the mosquito and fly trap, no mosquito coils or chemicals are required, no smoke, no irritating odor, the user only needs to switch on the power, the mosquito and fly killer will automatically work, easy to use ,economy.

In addition to mosquitoes and flies, environmental sanitation and health protection: Frequent use of MD series mosquito and flies traps can reduce nuisances such as mosquitoes and flies, improve room hygiene, and ensure health. The power of MD series mosquito and fly traps ranges from 12W to 40W, suitable for homes, restaurants, canteens, hospitals and other places.

The carbon dioxide exhaled by humans has been scientifically proven to be a substance that the human body attracts mosquitoes. Photocatalyst mosquito killer, it can produce the light, heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and flowing air that mosquitoes like when working. It simulates human breathing to attract mosquitoes. The environmentally friendly mosquito killer attracts mosquitoes from your side and falls into the trap. In the mosquito cyclone, it was dehydrated and dried to death. The photocatalyst can also purify the air, sterilize and disinfect.