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Daily use specification of mosquito killer lamp

Purpose: Standardize the use, maintenance and cleaning of mosquito killers

Scope of application: use in workshops and other large places

Responsible person: workshop electrician, workshop cleaner, workshop director

The standardization requirements are as follows:

1. The turning on and off of the mosquito killer lamp is directly controlled by a special switch, and the electrician of the workshop is responsible for turning on and off the lamp.

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2. Cleaning of mosquito killer lamp:

(1) Use tools (cleanser, brush, towel, tap water, detergent);

(2) Cleaning cycle: cleaning once every fifteen days;

(3) Cleaning method: first turn off the control switch of the mosquito killer lamp (this is the responsibility of the workshop electrician), then take out the sticker and lamp tube and use a brush Remove the dirt on the mosquito lamp, moisten it with 0.03% clean water with a towel, wring it dry, wipe the outside of the mosquito lamp, wipe it with a dry towel after cleaning, and finally install the sticker paper and lamp tube Go up. This is the responsibility of the workshop cleaner.

3. In the process of using the mosquito killer, the workshop director should pay attention to the working conditions of the mosquito killer, including the use time of the lamp tube, whether the sticky paper is full of mosquitoes, etc., if the mosquito killer is found to be malfunctioning, immediately report to the electrician to repair it in time If the repair is still not good, please contact the manufacturer of the mosquito killer for repair. This is the responsibility of the workshop director.

4. Monthly inspection of the mosquito killer lamp, the use of the mosquito killer lamp shall be checked every month, and the sticky paper shall be replaced (this depends on the mosquito density in the workshop), the inspector shall make a registration form and sign the name. This is the responsibility of the workshop director.