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Detailed interpretation of LED ultraviolet disinfection box

The LED ultraviolet disinfection box is a storage box with disinfection function (used for personal items such as razors, nail clippers, glasses, women's beauty tools, etc.), which brings health to your life. The product adopts 59 seconds rapid sterilization technology, operation Standard, 99.9% sterilization rate

Features: automatic shutdown: the product comes with energy-saving and energy-saving monitoring functions. It will automatically turn off after about 15 hours of standby.

Open lid sensor: The product has a built-in gravity sensor switch. During the disinfection process, when the top cover is opened, the disinfection LED will automatically go out. Do not place the product in a magnetic field, otherwise the function of the sensor used to open the cover may become invalid.

Sterilization principle: The DNA or DNA molecular structure in the bacteria body is destroyed by ultraviolet rays, so that the growing cells and regenerative cells die, achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

Application field: used for disinfection of the surface of general objects.

The most important sterilization factor and its intensity: the irradiance of ultraviolet radiation in the area where the machine acts is 1uW/c㎡-164uW/c㎡

Killing microorganisms: Enterobacteriaceae (E. coli), S. pyogenes (Staphylococcus aureus)

Product use and storage environment temperature: working temperature: 0 40 °C storage temperature: -10 45 °C.


*Manicure, beauty, tattoo tools
Disinfection*Earring jewelry, daily cosmetics disinfection storage box
*Mobile phone, glasses, tableware
Disinfection*Mother and baby toys

We have been using the UV sterilizer for nearly two months and are very satisfied with it. The box works reliably, without major interruptions, everything we put in for sterilization. For example, every time you shop, masks, mobile phones, glasses, debit cards, keys, shopping cart chips, and any other items in your hand will be placed in the disinfection box one by one, and a sound wave report will be issued when it is opened and at the end When saying "disinfecting" or "disinfecting". At the same time, a halo will be formed around the on/off switch, which will pulsate to indicate the sterilization status.

Of course, I cannot check to what extent this UV disinfection box kills bacteria/viruses, etc. I personally have no chance to do so. I believe that ultraviolet radiation has been declared to be an effective means of disinfection science. We use our box every day and don't want to miss it again. If she can survive the new crown epidemic with us now, I will be satisfied.

We even bought a second box and gave it to family members who were passionate about it.