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Disinfection and sterilization of clean area of ozone generator

In the pharmaceutical factory, the clean area is relatively large, and almost all of the central air-conditioning purification systems complete the purification and disinfection of the clean areas. The traditional disinfection method is fumigation with formaldehyde. As mentioned above, there are many disadvantages of formaldehyde fumigation. Using ozone sterilization instead is the easiest and best method. The method is extremely simple. Choose a standard-shaped ozone generator according to the size of the clean room space. Then put the ozone generator directly into the air duct of the air conditioning purification system, which is called a built-in ozone generator. The ozone is sent into each clean area along with the air flow of the air duct, and the clean area is disinfected and sterilized. The remaining ozone is sucked into the air outlet and taken away by the central air conditioner.

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The ozone generator can also be placed in an air conditioning unit, and the ozone is injected into the air duct of the central air conditioner, and then sent to each clean room, which is called an external ozone generator. The external ozone generator is easy to install and maintain, but the manufacturing cost is higher. The disinfection effect of the two methods is the same. According to the Ministry of Health's disinfection specifications, the ozone concentration for air disinfection is 5ppm, but in fact, the disinfection of clean areas is not only the disinfection of the air, but also includes the disinfection of the surface of equipment, utensils, etc., so the general design concentration is 10 ppm. Equivalent to 20 mg of ozone per cubic meter of air. Switching on for two hours before going to work every day, and shutting down when going to work, can ensure that the planktonic bacteria and sedimentation bacteria in the clean area meet the requirements of GMP within a day.

The five central air-conditioning systems of powder injection, water injection, and solid preparation all adopt clean room ozone sterilization. The effect is very good, and it has passed the GMP certification of the State Food and Drug Administration. It has been running well for several years.