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Do UV sterilizers need to install a UV intensity sensor?

When the uv sterilizer sterilizes the water body, the ultraviolet disinfection dose can kill various X bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the water. The main influencing factors of the ultraviolet disinfection dose are the intensity of ultraviolet rays and the action time. The ultraviolet intensity sensor is a component that monitors the intensity of ultraviolet rays, which can monitor the exposure of ultraviolet rays to the water body, and then understand the disinfection situation.

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UV intensity depends on:

① UV lamp performance, including UV output power, aging coefficient, adjustment ability;

②Water quality, mainly including ultraviolet transmittance, SS concentration and particle size, etc.;

③ Number of lamps;

④ The arrangement of the lamps (such as parallel or perpendicular to the water flow) and the distance between the lamps;

⑤The transmittance of quartz sleeve is affected by factors such as material, wall thickness and scaling. The action time depends on: ① flow rate; ② hydraulic conditions of water flow, including whether short flow, laminar flow, turbulent flow and other flow conditions.

The UV intensity sensor can effectively monitor the operation of the UV sterilizer, and then estimate the disinfection effect. When the intensity of ultraviolet rays decreases, the specific reasons can be analyzed from the above factors, and corresponding measures can be taken to ensure the disinfection effect.

UV intensity is a key indicator of the performance of UV sterilizers, it can directly reflect the working state of the disinfection system, and is also an important signal source for controlling the operation of the system. Specifications require that the UV sensor be checked against a reference sensor monthly and recalibrated annually by a qualified laboratory to ensure an accuracy of <10%. At present, there are not many professional institutions that can provide calibration services in China, and the cost is relatively high, which makes the calibration and maintenance of the UV intensity sensor not carried out well, which affects the dose monitoring and energy-saving control. Therefore, after the end of the warranty period, you should ask a professional organization to test and verify the intensity sensor, or sign a long-term maintenance contract with the product manufacturer to ensure the normal operation of the UV intensity. sensor.

None of the UV sterilizers currently operating on the market are equipped with UV intensity sensors. First, the cost is high, but the quality of lamps is constantly improving. During the y-effect working time of the lamp, in the case that other factors do not change much, the irradiation intensity of ultraviolet light does not change much.

As for whether to install a UV intensity sensor, customers can decide according to their own circumstances. If the water quality is complex, or the disinfection standards are strict, it is recommended to install a UV intensity sensor for the UV sterilizer.