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Do you know the two common structural modes of UV sterilizers?

The uv sterilizer technology used in ultraviolet disinfectors has been widely used in many fields. It can not only be used in groundwater for domestic water disinfection, urban secondary water supply tank disinfection, water supply after disinfection of swimming pool circulating water, landscape water disinfection, and hospital water disinfection. As well as the disinfection of hospital wastewater, it can also be used for the disinfection of circulating water. The main function is to kill bacteria and algae.

The disinfection structure of the UV sterilizer: According to the difference of the water flow boundary, it is divided into two systems: closed and open.

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1. Closed system

The enclosed UV ultraviolet sterilizer is a pressure-bearing type, and the sterilized water is sealed with a metal cylinder and a UV lamp with a quartz sleeve.
The barrel is usually made of stainless steel, and the inner wall is polished to improve the reflection ability of ultraviolet rays and enhance the radiation intensity. The number of ultraviolet lamps can also be adjusted according to the amount of water processed.

The closed type is also divided into open type and submerged type. The open-type sterilizer is suitable for the treatment of medium and large amounts of water, and is mostly used in sewage treatment plants. Closed sterilizers are generally suitable for the treatment of medium and small amounts of water or where it is necessary to apply pressure to sterilizers that cannot be used in open channels.

In various systems, the ultraviolet lamp tube with the outer cover sealed quartz sleeve can be arranged perpendicular or parallel to the direction of the water flow. The parallel system has small hydraulic power loss and uniform water flow pattern, while the vertical system can make the water flow and improve the disinfection efficiency.

2. Open system

The water sterilized in the open UV sterilizer flows through the UV sterilizer under the action of gravity and inactivates microorganisms in the water. The open system can be divided into two types: submerged type and surface type.

The immersion method is also called the underwater irradiation method. Put the UV lamp with concentric quartz sleeve into the water, and the water flows around the quartz sleeve. When the lamp (group) needs to be replaced, use a lifting device to lift it to the working surface for operation. The structure of this method is relatively complicated, but the utilization rate of ultraviolet radiation energy is high, the effect is good, and the maintenance is easy.

The water surface method is also called the water surface irradiation method, that is, the ultraviolet lamp is placed on the water surface, and the parallel ultraviolet light generated by the parallel electron tube disinfects the water body. This method is simpler than the submerged method, but has a greater energy waste and poor sterilization effect, and is rarely used in actual production.