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Do you really know the cleaning skills of pure water equipment?

Cleaning pure water equipment is also very skillful. Let's follow this editor to see how to do it. I hope the following content can help you.

The first step in cleaning such large pure water equipment is to separate the equipment so that the internal structure can be effectively cleaned. Because the surface of the light device is clean, there is not much use. The reason we clean equipment is to extend the life of the equipment and keep it free from bacterial contamination. After all, this device is for cleaning water. UV water filter

After the equipment is disassembled, it is necessary to stop the water gun cleaning with chemical reagents. This cleaning method is very effective and fast for cleaning the internal dregs of the device. Of course, after using the powerful water gun, it is also very important to manually wipe off the water with a towel. After drying, rinse with clean water several times to thoroughly remove the chemical.

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After all the equipment parts are cleaned, there are some places that need to be rubbed with a little lubricating oil, so that the equipment parts can be well maintained. The internal parts of the equipment must be maintained, otherwise problems will arise during work.

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