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Eat sweets or be energy efficient to avoid mosquito bites

The public enemy of summer is definitely the mosquito. It carries malaria, dengue, Zika, chikungunya and other diseases and is arguably one of the most dangerous animals on earth. Scientists around the world have been searching for solutions to mosquito bites. Italian researchers recently found that eating sweets can curb mosquito bites, according to L'Ouest-France.

A study published in the American journal PLOS Biology shows that scientists from the University of Milan have confirmed that after people eat sweets, the urge to bite mosquitoes is suppressed. This behavior is controlled by genes.

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Scientists have studied Aedes albopictus and found that eating sweets has an inhibitory effect on mosquito bites for 5 to 6 days. The researchers divided the subjects into two groups: one group ate sugar water, and the other group didn't. Comparing how active mosquitoes were when approaching the hands of the two groups, mosquitoes were less interested in the blood of those who consumed sugar water, while those who did not consume sugar water were more likely to be bitten. Mosquito Killer

Italian scientists took a closer look at the mosquito's genes and found that one of them, called Vg-2, determines the production of a certain protein during female mosquito development. This protein drives mosquitoes to bite people. After eating sweets, however, this protein production decreased.

According to Paolo Gabriel, a zoologist who was a participant in the study, bites can be effectively prevented by controlling the amount of proteins involved in mosquito-related genes. International scientific organizations will carry out further research on this.