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Every home should be equipped with an ozone air sterilizer

The ozone air sterilizer absorbs suspended particles in the indoor air through the built-in filter device, further purifies the indoor air, and prevents patients from contracting respiratory diseases, which is a function that ordinary air purifiers do not have. With the current improvement of living standards, more and more people are aware of the importance of air quality. Now that they can't refuse bad outdoor air, they should create a healthy and fresh environment for themselves and their families. Therefore, air purifiers and ozone sterilizers have gradually become a keyword, and many people have started to buy such products.

Life on Earth needs to breathe every minute, and clean air is especially important for health. Right now, we spend most of our time in our homes, schools, offices, and other indoor spaces. However, the polluted indoor environment can cause a series of adverse reactions, such as headache, eye discomfort, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, etc. Sensitive groups, such as children, the elderly, and those with respiratory or heart disease, are more susceptible to indoor pollutants. Changing indoor air quality can reduce discomfort. Fresh and clean air is very important to people. For schools, it reduces the possibility of cross-infection among students; for companies, employees can take fewer sick days; for families, it gives them more health coverage.

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How does an ozone air sterilizer achieve air disinfection? In fact, it doesn't matter in two ways. A common situation is that the inhaled dust particles are blocked on the filter; secondly, the inhaled dust particles are charged by the magnetic field and then adsorbed on the electrode plate. Through this working principle, the "dirty" air containing floating dust in the inhaler will become dust-free "clean" air after passing through the sterilizer. Airborne microorganisms are sucked into the sterilizer and "stay" in the sterilizer. After several hours of operation, the number of dust particles in the air of the target room gradually decreases and the air becomes clean. As a result, the Air Hygiene Index has also changed. However, the filters and electrode plates inside the machine will then "saturate". The length of the "saturation" period depends on the sanitary quality of the environment where the air sterilizer is located, that is to say, the worse the sanitary quality, the faster the "saturation" period will come. Once the ozone air sterilizer enters the "saturation" period, its "disinfection" function will disappear.

Like hospitals, schools, office areas and other places, various bacteria cross-spread, and air pollution is more serious than other places. Should be equipped with an ozone air sterilizer. The bacteria spread in the nearby air. The closer they are to the source of infection, the more likely they are to be infected. It can help purify the air, kill airborne microbes and reduce the risk of cross-transmission.