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Experts tell you: What is the shelf life of the mosquito killer lamp?

In recent years, people's living standards have been continuously improved, and the scale of urban industrialization construction has grown stronger and stronger. Mosquito killers are now frequently appearing on the market and have become essential items for household decoration, community greening, and factory quality safety measures. From the lamp tube to the sticky insect tape and bracket, there are great breakthroughs in the results and working principles.

The shelf life of the mosquito killer means the life of the lamp tube and the use time of the sticky insect belt, because the other components of the mosquito killer are unlikely to be damaged. The mosquito killer only has the lamp tube and the armyworm with the length of life. Generally speaking, ultraviolet lamps are not as easy to burn as daily fluorescent lamps. On the contrary, special quartz casing materials will have a photochemical aging process called aging. This change will reduce the ultraviolet energy radiated into the water. The armyworm tape can generally be used for three months. Generally use two in summer. Therefore, the mosquito killer lamp is relatively environmentally friendly and economical.

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In summer, mosquitoes and flies flood the pig farm. Mosquitoes are the vectors of Japanese encephalitis and eperythrozoonosis, and flies are the main vectors of pig digestive tract diseases. Doing a good job of killing vector insects can effectively reduce the incidence of common summer diseases in pigs and reduce losses.

1. Do a good job in environmental sanitation. The main farms that produce mosquitoes and flies in pig farms: pig manure, sprinkled feed, stagnant water, and weed piles. It is easy to breed a large number of eggs in the feces, so the feces of the pig farm should be cleaned up in time, and the pig feces shoveled out every day should be covered with a plastic sheet to ensure that it is sealed to kill the eggs. Clean up the feed, stagnant water and weeds scattered on the pig farm in time.

2. The main ingredient of Jiuding "Miannuoting" is cyromazine, which is a highly effective insect growth regulator. It has a killing effect on dipteran insect larvae, especially in feces. Several common flies larvae that reproduce in the worm have a good inhibitory and killing effect. When using, mix 1000g of this product into each ton of compound feed, mix well and feed.

3. Ordering window screens in the barn can effectively reduce the entry of mosquitoes and flies, with low cost and significant effect. But pay attention to the ventilation and cooling measures in the pen, and a large ventilation fan can be configured at the same time to reduce the temperature in the pen and have a good ventilation effect.

4. The pyrethrin in the mosquito coil or the mosquito-killing lamp can paralyze the mosquito's nerves and cause death. When using it, it can be used in a place with air circulation such as a door or a window. The mosquito killer uses the phototaxis of mosquitoes and the sensitivity to special wavelengths to induce mosquitoes to contact the surface of the net, and the mosquitoes are instantly scorched by high-voltage electricity. The mosquito killer can be used at night. Turn off other indoor light sources and add some water and vinegar to the insect box of the mosquito killer to catch mosquitoes better.

5. Dealing with stagnant water in pig farms The stagnant water in pig farms is the place where mosquitoes are most likely to breed. Clean up the stagnant water in time to remove mosquito breeding sites. If it is not convenient to do so, you can put sodium hydroxide or quicklime in the stagnant water to make it alkaline. The environment is not conducive to its reproduction.