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Guide to Selection of Mosquito Killer Lamps

Mosquito killers can be divided into electronic mosquito killers and airflow mosquito killers. The mosquito killer lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, beautiful appearance, small size, and low power consumption. Since it does not need to use any chemical mosquito-killing substances when in use, it is a relatively environmentally friendly way to kill mosquitoes.

When buying a mosquito killer lamp, you must first try the switch. If the sound of the button opening and closing is crisp and flexible, the quality of the electrical components is high; secondly, check the inside and out of the mosquito killer to see if there are any No scratches or damage. The life of the mosquito killer depends to a large extent on the quality of the lamp inside, so you must carefully check the quality of the lamp when you buy it. If there is a crack, it cannot be used.

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Attention to the use of mosquito killer

Mosquito killers are dangerous, especially in families with children, they should be placed on a high place to prevent them from touching. In addition, do not use conductive objects to extend into the high-voltage network to avoid electric shock. The mosquito killer lamp should be placed at a height of 1.5 meters to 2 meters to achieve the best killing effect. The "pop" sound when the mosquitoes are electrically shocked is a normal phenomenon.

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Mosquito killer cleaning attention

The dust on the light pipe should be cleaned regularly, and the power grid should be cleaned with a small brush. When cleaning the remains of mosquitoes and flies, the power supply must be cut off and the power grid must be short-circuited with a screwdriver to discharge the remaining power. The airflow mosquito killer can take out the outer cover for cleaning, but do not splash water in the place where there is a power source. The last thing to note is that you should avoid direct strong light on the electronic mosquito killer.