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How to choose a UV sterilizer, you can start from these aspects

Ultraviolet sterilizers are not common, but in daily life, we often see purple lights, which are ultraviolet sterilizers, which are generally used in hospitals, schools, movie theaters, canteens, restaurants and other places with extremely wide uses. Ultraviolet disinfection is to disinfect some public places through the ultraviolet band of light, which can well prevent some germs from spreading in the air.

The UV sterilizer also uses the same principle, except that it uses different scenarios and handles different objects. Its function is to disinfect the water used daily through the sterilization effect of ultraviolet rays. It is convenient to use, effective, and maintainable. Low cost and other characteristics have been widely used. However, there are many types of UV sterilizers on the market at present, and there are many different types of UV sterilizers. How to choose the one that suits you? May wish to consider from the following aspects.

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1. Choose the correct type of sterilizer

Customers can choose the appropriate UV sterilizer according to their specific usage scenarios. Different models and specifications use different scenarios, and the application scenarios are also different. The main types are overflow sterilizers, pipeline sterilizers, and channel sterilizers. , It is necessary to make a good choice of model.

2. Choose the right type of sterilizer

Ultraviolet sterilizers also have different specifications in terms of power, water flow, power, UV radiation intensity, and the sterilization effect. Pay attention to it when choosing.

2. Choose a brand with a better reputation

Another point is very important. When choosing a UV sterilizer, you must choose a product with a better reputation. First, the quality is guaranteed, and second, the after-sales service will be relatively guaranteed. If there is a problem, it is more convenient to repair, and there will be nothing. Worry about.