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How to choose water disinfection equipment for families and industries?

Nowadays, water is contaminated to a certain extent, so a lot of drinking water is sterilized and disinfected before being delivered to the people. The commonly used agent for water sterilization is chlorine. In addition to other disinfection, such as ultraviolet sterilization, etc. .

Why do we need to sterilize?

Many families find that even after sterilization, there are still residues when using water. For healthier drinking water, families will buy water sterilization and disinfection equipment, not only using filters, but also using special equipment, such as UV sterilization.

The use of ultraviolet rays for sterilization and disinfection is highly safe. Because it uses ultraviolet waves, it does not have residues like chemical sterilization, but ultraviolet rays do not leave residues, and will use physical properties to play a role in sterilization and disinfection.

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Who would choose ultraviolet disinfection?

This kind of equipment has a strong sterilization effect and is safe, so many families will choose this equipment, but its price will be more expensive than filters and disinfectants. Therefore, ultraviolet disinfection and disinfection equipment are only selected by wealthy families. When choosing water sterilization equipment, families will consider filters or disinfectants.

Most of the ultraviolet and ozone sterilization and disinfection are used in production and industry. Because of the high price of its equipment, only operators will consider purchasing this equipment to treat sewage.

In general, water sterilization equipment includes low-priced sulfur dioxide and filters, as well as expensive ultraviolet sterilization and ozone sterilization. The former are mostly choices for individuals and families, while the latter is mainly used for sewage treatment. Aspect, because of its strong processing power.