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How to dissolve ozone into water using static mixer?

Ozone gas can be dissolved into pressurized flowing water by a simple static mixer. If the ozone gas pressure is greater than the water pressure, pressurized ozone gas can flow into the water stream using TEE. The ozone gas can then be thoroughly mixed into the water using a downstream static mixer.

The water should be pressurized when using a static mixer to help dissolve the ozone gas into the water. Therefore, ozone gas must be under pressure to enter the water stream. We have found that water pressures around 30 PSI are ideal for mass transfer, but higher or lower pressures can also be used.

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– Simple, efficient system design with no moving parts
– Excellent choice for pressurized water
– More energy efficient than venturis as no differential pressure across the mixer is required
– Easier to contain ozone gas and maintain a safe environment due to ozone emissions
– Can handle water that could clog or block the Venturi injector


– Higher risk of water backflow to the ozone generator due to pressurized water
– Requires flowing pressurized water

Ozone gas is partially soluble in liquid. However, with appropriate methods and equipment, high mass transfer efficiencies can be achieved by any method of dissolving ozone into water. Check out the following tips to help design the right system using static mixers in your ozone application.
Basic principles of ozone solubility:
- Lower temperatures increase the rate of ozone gas dissolution in the liquid
- Higher pressure increases the rate of ozone gas dissolution in the liquid
- Higher ozone gas concentrations increase the rate of ozone gas dissolution in liquids

Static mixer installation tips

Install a static mixer after the ozone injection point, if possible, within 30cm. Typically, ozone bubbles shear as they enter the water, but merge again into a large pocket at the top of the pipe.

If there is water flowing into the tank, install a static mixer within 30cm of the tank
If injecting water into an unpressurized vessel, consider using holes to create back pressure on the static mixer to improve solubility. Ozone Sterilizer

Ensure proper water flow to achieve optimum water velocity for the mixer in use.