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How to prevent mosquitoes and mosquitoes after the summer rain?

The recent increase in rainfall has brought a touch of coolness to the hot summer. At the same time, there may be more and more stagnant water. In addition, the temperature rises after the rain, the breeding volume of mosquitoes has greatly increased, and the number of populations has increased rapidly. Community residents especially Children are also significantly more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. Generally, the density of mosquitoes will reach a peak 10 days after the rain, so how can we do a good job of preventing and killing mosquitoes after the rain?

Experts suggest that the accumulated water after rain should be cleaned up in time to reduce the number of mosquito breeding grounds. Check and clean up garbage that is easy to store water in communities, schools and other places, such as glass bottles, empty cans and empty lunch boxes; for water storage containers such as rainwater buckets, cover or put them upside down, and the water at the bottom of flowerpots and vases should be kept at least weekly Empty or replace once. Tires used for children's play in childcare facilities should be covered or perforated. The garbage and fallen leaves in the canals in residential areas should be removed as soon as possible to prevent silting.

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For the types of stagnant water that are not easy to clean, such as various pipeline wells, rainwater wells, landscape water bodies and other important breeding grounds for mosquitoes in the community, it is possible to put pyriproxyfen, disulfiram and other mosquito larvae killers and feed mosquito fish and Putting biological mosquito repellents and other methods to eliminate them. mosquito killer

If the density of adult mosquitoes in the community is high, the property management organization can carry out the killing of adult mosquitoes. It should be noted that the killing of mosquitoes and the greening and pest control carried out by the property are different. First, the pesticides used are different, and the sanitary pesticides used for mosquito killing are different. Second, the methods of equipment are also different. There are residual spraying, space spraying, etc., which can be selected according to needs. Generally, space spraying can quickly reduce the density of mosquitoes, and it can be achieved by adding residual spraying in key areas of the community such as green belts in public areas. When using space spray, in order to let the insecticide droplets suspend in the air for a longer time, so that more mosquitoes come into contact with the liquid in flight, so as to achieve a better mosquito killing effect. The droplet diameter of the insecticide must be small, and it is recommended to use an ultra-low volume sprayer.