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How to use a sterilizer to be more effective?

When the air pollution is serious, close the doors and windows tightly. The medical air purifier sterilizer can better ensure the purification effect when used in a closed environment, because it mainly uses the fan to inhale the indoor air and purifies it through the filter device to remove the fresh air. Is discharged.

The purification function of the medical air purifier and disinfection machine requires a certain amount of time to improve the air. It can be turned on all day when conditions permit, and it can also effectively control the time of the equipment at regular intervals. If the medical air purification and disinfection machine has been used for a long time, if there is little wind or peculiar smell, it is necessary to clean or replace the filter. The signal indicator of the cleaner is on, which means that the dust is full and the dust collecting plate needs to be replaced.

The ultraviolet intensity of the ultraviolet toothbrush sterilizer is ≥2000μW/c㎡, the ultraviolet power is strong, and the sterilization time is 5 minutes, which can effectively kill the bacteria on the toothbrush.