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Indisputable toothbrush disinfection

People use toothbrushes every day. If they are wet after use, it is easy to breed various pathogenic microorganisms. Especially in spring, summer and mildew and rain seasons, pathogenic microorganisms are more likely to be produced, which is not good for human health. We envisioned making a toothbrush sanitizing dryer.

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1. Drying can be done with infrared or electric heaters.

2. Disinfection UV disinfection can be used. You can also add some fragrant Chinese medicine to enhance the disinfection function.

3. Timer Drying and disinfection are equipped with a timer. After brushing your teeth, press the on-off timer and you're done.

4. The product should be small The product can be made small, easy to install at home, or glued, or wall-mounted.

Live Small Doors: Disinfecting Your Toothbrush

Everyone knows that after a toothbrush has been used for a period of time, although it can continue to be used, the toothbrush is already dirty. Even if it does not look dirty, there will be a lot of bacteria. It is unsanitary to use and it is a pity to throw it away. what to do? The author's approach is: put about 50 ml of water in the brushing cup (so that the entire toothbrush head can be submerged), then put about 10 ml of 84 disinfectant, put the toothbrush head in the water, and soak it for half a day. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the soaked toothbrush is as clean as new, and it can continue to be used as long as the soaked toothbrush is rinsed in clean water. The author also believes that after using the toothbrush for a period of time, put it in about 15% of the 84 disinfectant and soak it for about 1 hour.

Friend: Sterilize your toothbrush!

Friends, please think about it: if every time brushing your teeth is like drinking rag water, "a million bacteria dirty toothbrush", really

It's scary. Disinfect your toothbrush today by placing it in boiling hot water, or simply buy a sterilized toothbrush holder, or put it in the sun for 2 hours.

A survey report on the microbial contamination of toothbrushes shows that after three weeks of use, there may be up to millions of bacteria, including Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and so on that are easy to cause disease. The warm and humid environment in the bathroom will allow bacteria to continue to breed. Friends, for your health, please act now!

Six Steps to Sterilizing Your Toothbrush

Usually, if we brush once during the day and once before going to bed, we need to change a toothbrush in about three months. However, if you use it for less than three months, the toothbrush will bloom and deform, and it will be more than split ends. In addition to changing the toothbrush, another very important thing is to disinfect the toothbrush.

1. First take a used toothbrush.

2. Take a cup. Fill it with half a cup of warm water (warm water will be better).

3. Take a packet of baking soda.

4. Use a spoon to take a spoon of baking soda powder and put it in warm water, stir to dissolve the baking soda powder.

5. Then soak the toothbrush in water and wait for 20 minutes.

6. Take the toothbrush to the faucet and rinse it again, so that the disinfection is complete, so don't be lazy (after brushing your teeth on holidays, pour some baking soda and hot water, soak the toothbrush, and you can disinfect it, no trouble at all ).