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Introduction to the correct use of ultraviolet germicidal lamps

1. Ensure that the input power supply in the use environment is stable. If the power supply fluctuation range of the use environment is large, it is recommended to equip with a voltage stabilizer to ensure the stable output of the UV lamp.

2. The water treatment ultraviolet germicidal lamp is accidentally broken. The principle of uv sterilizer causes mercury vapor to be emitted. The personnel on site must leave immediately and allow the site to continue to ventilate for 20-30 minutes to prevent mercury vapor from being inhaled into the body and causing poisoning; when safe, perform the site promptly After cleaning up, the recovered mercury raw materials can be reserved for experimental use.

3. Each type of ultraviolet lamp has its own mechanical and electrical parameters, and it is very important to provide a matching drive power supply. Transformers, capacitors or electronic circuit power supplies must be selected to match the lamp parameters.

4. The lamp tube produces strong long-wave violet radiation (the main line is 365 nanometers) by the discharge of high-pressure mercury vapor; strong ultraviolet rays can burn the eyes and skin, and direct light should be avoided during use.

5. Choose a reasonable reflection system: According to the different ultraviolet light intensity requirements that users want to obtain, the reflector configured by the equipment manufacturer will also be different. Therefore, in order to ensure the light intensity index, in addition to regular cleaning of the lamp body, clean The reflector is also very necessary.

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6. Regularly rotate the UV lamp: it can keep the shape of the lamp tube and stable output.

7. Turning on the lamp too frequently: it will cause the two ends of the lamp tube to become black prematurely, and gradually affect the main part of the lamp tube to become black, and finally cause the output power of the lamp tube to decrease.

8. UV ultraviolet sterilization avoids the cold start of the lamp that is too frequent. When a lamp tube is in the beginning stage of lighting, the internal voltage is very low. The electrodes at both ends will emit tungsten during this period of time, which will cause a lot of point pollutants inside the tube, which becomes one of the reasons for the premature failure of the tube. Therefore, the lamp should be lit under high voltage conditions, and the reduction Short lighting time.

9. The life of the lamp is affected by many factors, such as the number of times of lighting, the working time after each lighting, electrical and thermal operation data, and whether the lamp is handled properly, etc., will affect the life of the lamp; therefore, usually The life span guaranteed by the manufacturer is the average life span.

10.Reasonable cooling of the UV lamp: Generally, the UV lamp must reach the maximum output power, and the temperature of the lamp body surface will be as high as several hundred degrees Celsius. Therefore, the cooling air volume must be reasonable when designing, otherwise it will directly affect the normal output of the UV lamp. If the air volume is too large, the UV lamp may not light up or can light up but does not reach the maximum output power; the air volume is too low, the UV lamp cannot be cooled well, the lamp body may be overheated for a long time, the lamp body may expand, and the electrode may become black. , And ultimately shorten its service life; regularly check whether the air exhaust is unblocked.