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Introduction to the reason why the multifunctional ozone generator does not produce ozone

Ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored, so it needs to be prepared and used on site. The multifunctional ozone generator is a device used to produce ozone gas (O3). The ozone gas produced by it can be used directly, or it can participate in the reaction through a mixing device and a liquid. It is used in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, food processing and It is widely used in the fields of preservation and space sterilization.

Ozone is a mixed gas and its concentration is usually expressed in terms of mass ratio and volume ratio. The mass ratio refers to the mass of ozone contained in the mixed gas per unit volume, and is usually expressed in units of mg/L, mg/m3, or g/m3. The volume ratio refers to the volume content or percentage content of ozone per unit volume, and the percentage is expressed as 2%, 5%, 12%, etc. In the sanitation industry, ppm is often used to indicate ozone concentration, that is, 1 ppm of the volume of ozone in each cubic ozone mixed gas is 1 ppm. Ozone concentration is an important indicator to measure the technical content and performance of ozone generators. Under the same working conditions, the higher the ozone output concentration, the higher the quality.

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The following editor wants to share with you the reasons why the multifunctional ozone generator does not produce ozone:

1. The problem of air source. If it is an oxygen source, check whether the oxygen tank is hypoxic. If the gas source is a raw material, you can judge whether the check gas pump is abnormal or whether the air inlet is dirty or blocked by the sound of the gas pump. In this case, no ozone will be produced, or the concentration will get lower and lower.

2. The equipment is aging, the service life is too long, the ozone concentration is reduced, or there is no ozone generation.

3. If there is a problem with the operation, sometimes improper operation will cause it to fail to work.

4. Both the ozone tube and the ozone power supply are burned out. After turning on the machine, you can use an electric pen to measure whether there is still high voltage in the ozone discharge tube. If not, just check the ozone power supply or ozone tube.

5. If there is no gas coming out, the air pump may be broken, or the connecting tube inside may be bent, to judge whether the power supply has been discharged, use an electric pen near the end of the high-voltage line, don't touch it directly, it is basically good that the electric pen lights up.