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Is it healthy to use the ozone disinfection cabinet?

Netizen Yiye Zhiqiu said: The disinfection effect of the ozone disinfection cabinet is still good. It can easily kill bacterial propagules and spores, viruses, fungi, etc., but it also has disadvantages. For example, the sterilization time will be relatively long, generally reaching 50-60 minutes. In addition, if there is water on the surface of the tableware to be disinfected, the effect of ozone disinfection will be greatly reduced, and bacteria will grow instead. And the kitchen expert Huanhuan said: Although the ozone disinfection cabinet is used for tableware sterilization and disinfection pipes, the tightness of the cabinet is too poor. Every time you use it, you can always smell a pungent fishy smell. This may be due to A small amount of ozone leakage can cause harm to human health. So, is the use of an ozone disinfection cabinet harmful to the human body? Next, let me introduce to you.

The general ozone disinfection cabinet adopts the double disinfection method of "ozone + ultraviolet", which has a more significant sterilization effect, and is equipped with a U-shaped light source. After testing, it can completely kill intestinal diseases, Aspergillus flavus and hepatitis B surface antigen and other disease bacteria, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.99%. In order to prevent the hidden danger of ozone leakage, the ozone disinfection cabinet adopts a sealed design to ensure that there is no leakage of ozone during the disinfection process. The relevant performance is that it fully meets the national requirements. On the one hand, it ensures complete and safe sterilization in the cabinet, and on the other hand, it ensures that there is no residual ozone after disinfection, so that users no longer worry about ozone gas leakage and other issues.

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As a back barrier to protect our healthy eating and living, when choosing ozone disinfection cabinets, we need to compare carefully, weigh more, or listen to the advice of professionals. We must pay attention to the purchase of disinfection cabinets, not only the disinfection effect, but also ozone. Leakage hazards and issues such as the sealability and drying effect of the disinfection cabinet, improper selection or use, not only fail to disinfect, but also may damage the tableware or cause secondary pollution.

Sterilizerlist ozone disinfection cabinet can be widely used in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biological products factories, cosmetics factories, food factories and other industries to sterilize and dry at room temperature after normal temperature sterilization and low temperature drying of packaging containers, work clothes, cleaning utensils, raw and auxiliary materials, molds, etc. The choice of various pharmaceutical companies, food industry, and health beverage companies to meet production standards such as GMP certification, FDA certification and HACCP certification.