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Learn about the daily use of UV sterilizers

Ultraviolet sterilizers are often seen in daily life, and many families and public places use it for sterilization and disinfection, because its antivirus range is very wide, and almost 99% of germs can be eliminated. In addition, its operation is relatively simple, so it is very common in daily life! Although the operation is simple, there must be some precautions in the process of using the disinfection lamp. If you do not master it properly, it will also affect the effect or damage the body. Let's take a look at the following aspects.

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1. Keep the surface of the lamp clean

After the ultraviolet sterilizer is used for a period of time, some dust and stains are often attached to the surface of the lamp body, which should be removed at any time. Keep the lamp body clean, because stains and dust will affect the irradiation of light waves and affect the sterilization effect.

2. Fully irradiated

The disinfection lamp completes the disinfection process by irradiating light waves on the surface of the object when it is working, so it is necessary to fully expose the object to be disinfected to the light wave to achieve the best effect.

3. Pay attention to the protection of the human body

The ultraviolet sterilizer is sterilized by emitting ultraviolet light waves, and the frequency of the light waves it disinfects is harmful to the human body. Therefore, human skin should not be exposed to its range when sterilizing with a sterilizing lamp. Don't look at it directly with your eyes, it will cause damage to the human body!

Everyone is familiar with ultraviolet sterilizers, but what are the precautions for using them? The above are the aspects that need to be paid attention to when using disinfection lamps. The occurrence of accidents is caused by irregular operation, so safety tools cannot be taken lightly. , Only if some small aspects are not relaxed, can the final production safety be guaranteed! Please remember!