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Mobile ozone disinfection and sterilization machines are widely used in these industries

The mobile Ozone Sterilizer and sterilization machine uses natural air as the raw material to produce high-concentration ozone by electronic high-frequency and high-voltage discharge. There is one more active oxygen atom than oxygen molecules. Ozone is particularly active in chemical properties and is a strong oxidant at a certain concentration. Can quickly kill bacteria in the air, mainly used to eliminate various toxic substances and harmful microorganisms in the living environment.

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So in which industries are mobile ozone disinfection machines used? Let's talk in detail below:

1. Fresh-keeping and detoxification of fruits and vegetables (Ozone's oxidative ripening agent function and the function of killing and inhibiting the growth of molds can more than double the preservation period and effectively decompose the residual pesticides in the fruits and vegetables).

2. Decompose meat hormones (decompose meat additives, antibiotics, caustic, etc., but also remove the fishy smell of seafood, kill bacteria, and kill Vibrio parahaemolyticus and halophilic bacteria that are easy to cause poisoning in the ocean , Its powerful bactericidal decomposition properties, make you eat more assured).

3. Disinfection of tableware (the cleaned tableware is soaked in active oxygen water to achieve complete sterilization, and there is no disinfectant residue. It is an ideal guarantee for your health).

4. Laundry washing and disinfection (the active oxygen water can bleach the dirt on the surface of the clothes, reduce the amount of washing powder and water, thoroughly clean the odor of socks, the sweat of underwear and the sourness of towels, and can kill the long-term adherence to the clothes. germ).

5. Refrigerator deodorization (passing active oxygen into the refrigerator can kill bacteria that have not been processed for a long time, and at the same time, it can deodorize and extend the storage time of food, so that the food does not smell).

6. Eliminate the odor of pets and garbage (the body odor of pets, garbage storage, and the air in the farm is sometimes unbearable. The sterilization, deoxidation, and decomposition characteristics of active oxygen can quickly solve this problem).

7. Sanitation, deodorization and sterilization (the pungent smell of the toilet, the fishy smell of the kitchen, the smell of pesticides and the smell of sand in the basement of the garage can be effectively eliminated).

8. Air purification in meeting rooms and public places (removes smoke, dust suspended in the air, mold in dead corners, decomposes harmful substances, effectively kills dust mites, prevents flu, and eliminates your worries in meeting rooms and places) .

Hope that the above content can help everyone to better understand this sterilization machine.