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Mosquito killer is a must-have product for family mosquito killers

Utilizing mosquitoes, flies, moths and other pests have phototaxis, the family mosquito killer combines light, electricity, air flow and other technologies to develop a fully automatic and energy-saving mosquito suction device to create a mosquito-free world for you. Compared with traditional mosquito killers, mosquito killers have distinct characteristics. The mosquito killer uses advanced mosquito trap technology and the personality of mosquitoes that move lightly with the airflow to suck mosquitoes into the machine and use the high-voltage power grid to kill them.

The mosquito killer lamp is specially designed to attract mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes to gather in the window of the machine. The fan rotates the airflow to suck mosquitoes to the high-voltage power grid to achieve the purpose of killing mosquitoes. The mosquito killing rate is as high as 99%.

The advantages of the mosquito killer are:

1. Harmless to human body: non-toxic, odorless, non-radiation, no noise, and does not contain any chemical ingredients.

2. Technological innovation: Combining the world's advanced physical mosquito trapping technology, using optical lure, silent axis and electrical grid gas trapping and electric killing.

3. Convenient and reliable: it can be used directly when connected to the power supply. And open the front cover, the mosquito net is not charged, and it is safe to clean.

4. High rate of killing mosquitoes: The rate of killing mosquitoes is as high as 90%, which can effectively reduce the probability of mosquitoes transmitting diseases.

5. Energy-saving and durable: It can be turned on 24 hours a day, and the service life of the whole machine is up to 10 years.

6. Lighting function: The mosquito trap can also be used as a lighting function for night activities.