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Mosquitoes are active in summer and autumn, and anti-mosquito tricks are scientifically effective

The tick incident has caused many people to pay attention to the little bugs that are usually ignored: how many little bugs are there in our lives that bite people? Every summer and autumn are the active periods of mosquitoes and the peak period of mosquito bites.

"Malaria is commonly known as'cold and hot, swaying,' and it is one of the Class B infectious diseases in our country. It is also the most serious vector-borne infectious disease in the world. Malaria usually occurs in summer and autumn. Most of the patients suddenly become cold, trembling, and pale. After the chills ceased, high fever and headache followed, followed by profuse sweating and body temperature returning to normal. At present, the areas most susceptible to malaria are Anhui, Yunnan, and Hainan in China. The main foreign countries are Africa and Southeast Asia. Labor workers should pay special attention to preventing malaria." Golden Bat Technology reminds that people who have worked and lived in Africa and the domestic malaria-prone areas should go to the local township health center as soon as possible if they have chills, fever, headaches and other suspected malaria symptoms. Or the County Center for Disease Control and Prevention can find a doctor to do a blood test to find out whether there is Plasmodium in the blood.

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Expert tips for mosquito prevention

Precisely because small mosquitoes are easy to transmit serious diseases, it is particularly important to prevent mosquito bites. Golden Bat Technology introduced many practical and scientific coups to citizens from home protection to personal protection. For example, home protection, commonly used mosquito nets, screen doors, screen windows, mosquito repellents, electric mosquitoes, mosquito coils, etc., can also raise some flowers and plants to repel mosquitoes, such as night lavender, marigold, jasmine, Qilixiang and mint.

"In terms of personal protection, mosquito repellent can be used. Long gowns and trousers can reduce mosquito bites, and many people don’t know that wearing light-colored clothes can also prevent mosquito bites. It is also important to pay attention to personal hygiene. Mosquito bites.” Golden Bat Technology also introduced that there are also coups to avoid mosquitoes in the diet, “because some of the vegetables contain odors that mosquitoes do not like, such as vegetables containing carotene and garlic with pungent odors, people eat them. After that, the mosquitoes will stay away from you. In addition, you must change the habit of sleeping outside. After the evening is the peak of mosquito activity, personal protection should be especially taken during this time.