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Ozone disinfection technology is widely used in various industries

Today, ozone disinfection technology has been widely used in all walks of life, especially in air purification, fruit and vegetable preservation, environmental resource protection, medical and health, and food industries.

1. Fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables: The transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables has always been an urgent problem to be solved, and improper handling will bring great losses. It is reported that every year 30-40% of vegetables in our country become garbage due to improper storage and transportation and partial backlog. Ozone and negative ions have the function of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, so the use of ozone technology can greatly extend the preservation and storage time of fruits and vegetables. In addition, ozone technology can also be used for sterilization and disinfection in clean vegetable processing.

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2. Air purification: Ozone has the function of killing bacteria and viruses in the air, and has the function of reducing dust, making the air fresh and natural, eliminating fatigue and refreshing.

3. Medical and health: We all know that hospitals are prone to cross-infection due to their special environment. Therefore, the disinfection of the hands and surgical instruments of doctors or nurses before hospital operations and nursing operations is also one of the urgent issues to be resolved. The ozone, which has high efficiency and rapid sterilization effect, is very useful in disinfection of hospital environment and preoperative disinfection.

4. Environmental resource protection: The main reasons for the water crisis are waste, pollution, uneven water distribution and irrigation, of which about 550 million cubic meters of water per year are polluted. As a highly effective bactericidal and antidote, ozone has naturally attracted many scientists to study the technologies that apply it to the field of water pollution treatment and industrial water conservation.

5. Food industry: Application in vegetable processing, such as small-packaged vegetables such as traditional mustard, radish, cucumber and other food processing. In order to extend the shelf life of products, many companies often adopt high-temperature sterilization technology after packaging. The color and texture of the product have an adverse effect, and it also consumes a lot of energy. The use of new ozone water-cooled sterilization technology can avoid the adverse effects of traditional processing technology on product quality, and can improve product quality and reduce production costs. In addition, in the application in the processing of aquatic products, in the pre-freezing treatment of frozen aquatic products, the ozone water spray sterilization can play a good control effect on the hygienic indicators of the aquatic products.