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Practical comparison of mosquito killer lamp PK

The mosquito killing effect displayed by the mosquito killing lamp is unparalleled. Even so, some people still have doubts. Let's make a simple comparison. Mosquito lamp PK toilet water, mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, insecticides.

1. Toilet water: There is no objection to using it during the day, going out, and outdoors. It is feasible; but using it at home at night is not as good as mosquito killers. Wiping it on the body every day is troublesome and expensive. It is not suitable for children, and it may not be effective. Treat the symptoms but not the root cause.

2. Mosquito coils: It is troublesome, expensive, slightly poisonous, harmful to health, choking mosquitoes and choking people, not suitable for adults and children.

3. Electric mosquito coils: time-consuming, expensive, slightly poisonous, harmful to health, choking mosquitoes, not suitable for adults and children! Although some brands claim to be tasteless and non-toxic, think about it, do you believe it? Non-toxic mosquitoes will die?

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4. Insecticides: time-consuming, expensive, toxic and harmful to health, choking mosquitoes and choking people, not suitable for adults and children! It is more poisonous than mosquito coils! It is even more inappropriate to have food in the room.

So what are the advantages of mosquito killer lamp, simple and effective, green and pollution-free!

Here are five reasons to use the price of mosquito killer lamps:

First, non-toxic: the principle of electrocution, non-toxic and harmless; if you have to raise the bar to say harmful things, it will only produce some slight burnt smell when you stick your nose to it. ;

Second, it is harmless: some people suspect that the lamp is ultraviolet, which is wrong! It's just that the purple and blue lamps emit colored light, not ultraviolet. Basis: First, the merchant has not stated that it is ultraviolet, so I believe the merchant for the time being; secondly, the price of the ultraviolet lamp Compared with ordinary lamps, the goal of merchants is to maximize profits, and merchants will never increase costs and reduce profits for no reason; moreover, light attracts mosquitoes to use mosquitoes’ preference for this color light, not ultraviolet rays. I haven’t heard of mosquitoes yet. Love UV.

Third, night lighting: Mosquito killer lamps take into account night lighting, so you don't have to turn on wall lamps and flashlights when you get up at night, killing two birds with one stone;

Fourth, efficient mosquito control: as mentioned above, the highest record: 50 electric mosquitoes in three hours;

Fifth, it is economical: if you invest more than ten yuan to buy it at a time, even if it is used for a summer, you will not be able to use a few kilowatt-hours of electricity, and you will not feel distressed about the little electricity bill. You can calculate it by yourself: monthly electricity bill yuan = lamp power watts ÷ 1000 × how many hours per day × electricity price yuan / kWh (kW·hour) × 30 days.