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Simple to teach you how to improve the efficiency of UV sterilizer

After years of development, UV sterilizers have been widely used in drinking water, food, beverages, electronic products, chemicals, medicine, sewage treatment and other fields. Using high-intensity odorless ultraviolet germicidal lamp, special stainless steel inner wall that simplifies the treatment, so that the pretreated water has enough ultraviolet rays when it flows through the ultraviolet rays. Irradiation has a good bactericidal effect. In addition, it also has the advantages of simplicity and convenience, no secondary pollution, convenient management and automation.

Many users reported that the efficiency of using UV sterilizers was too low. This actually has a lot to do with it, let's see how it should be done.

1. Solve the problem of light resurrection: open channels to realize undercurrent water flow, avoid or reduce the visibility rate of treated water before it enters the pipeline. Also, use a dark container containing the test water sample and send it for inspection in a timely manner to avoid factors such as storage conditions or test time affecting the test results.

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2. Improve the light transmittance: adjust the front-end treatment process, reduce the SS mass concentration of the water in the ultraviolet disinfection device, and adjust the ultraviolet disinfection I to ozone decolorization. In this process, the chromaticity of the incoming water is reduced to ensure that the SS is controlled Below 10 mg/L; the front-end technology is adjusted to strictly control the dosage of PAM and other chemicals, and a defoaming device is installed at the water inlet of the external disinfection device to reduce the foam content in the water body and increase the light transmittance of the water body .

3. High UV dose: Increase the UV dose by extending the contact time or increasing the number of UV tubes in the system. Generally, the volume of the reactor is difficult to change, and the intensity of ultraviolet rays can be increased by increasing the number of ultraviolet lamps or increasing the power of the ultraviolet lamps.

4. Others: Arc treatment of the inner edges of rectangular reactors to optimize their hydraulic conditions and reduce short-flow phenomena. At present, UV sterilizer has developed into a mature and reliable sterilization technology, and has been widely used in various fields at home and abroad, becoming a substitute for traditional chemicals.

The mainstream technology of sterilization technology, the sewage after ultraviolet sterilization can effectively realize the recycling of sewage, so that it can be used to irrigate farmland, woodland and lawn, etc., which can avoid the consumption of chemicals. Plant damage to poisons; groundwater recharge prevents microbes from adapting to chemical disinfectants and re-spreading formation blockages.