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Special attention should be paid to interior disinfection under the new crown epidemic

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has entered a new stage. With the end of the Spring Festival, many companies have begun to resume work. Many people think that safety can be guaranteed after work. This is obviously wrong, especially for those who drive. For people commuting to and from get off work, the prevention of the spread of the epidemic has not yet been taken lightly. I hope everyone can protect themselves and continue to take appropriate protective measures.

uvc germicidal disinfection lamp

We all know that pneumonia is a respiratory virus infection, and cars are more likely to breed various bacteria and viruses due to their airtightness. Studies have shown that the bacteria on the gearshift and steering wheel of the car are 3 to 6 times that of the toilet. How to keep yourself in the car well What about the environment, the next editor will give you a brief introduction. #Sterilizer

The charged particles and active oxygen in the low-temperature plasma active oxygen play a major role in the process of bacteria and viruses. The charged particles can penetrate the external structure of the bacteria and viruses, and the active oxygen can interact with the proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, etc. in the external structure of the bacteria and viruses. The macromolecule reacts to produce an etching effect to destroy the external structure, resulting in the leakage of the bacterial virus content, which quickly causes the death of the bacterial virus and achieves a better sterilization effect. With the advancement of technology, the active oxygen generator, the active weapon in the car to prevent new coronaviruses, has the effect of high efficiency sterilization and disinfection, which can effectively prevent virus invasion and protect human health and safety.

After the article, the editor warmly reminds: Today when the epidemic is not fully controlled, car owners must do a good job of sterilization and disinfection in the car. This is also to protect the car owner's travel and benefit others and themselves.