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Standardization of powerful mosquito traps

1. The correct installation and use of the stick-trap mosquito killer lamp.

There is generally one passage and two doors when entering the factory production workshop, and the preferred position of the mosquito killer should be hung on both sides of the buffer passage in the workshop. Generally harmful flying insects invade from this.
1. The mosquito killer is 3 meters away from the entrance door;
2. The height of the mosquito killer lamp is 1.8m-2m from the ground;
3. The mosquito killer is above 0.6 meters from the top
4. No raw materials can be placed within 3 meters below the mosquito killer.
5. When the outside door is opened, the mosquito killer lamp light cannot shine outside the door to avoid attracting pests to fly in.
6. It is recommended to turn it on for 24 hours for better results.
7. It is recommended to replace the mosquito lamp after 5000 hours of use.
8. Adhesive paper is recommended to be replaced at least once every 2 months.
The above is about the installation and use of the mosquito killer lamp specification.

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2. Standards for sticky trapping powerful mosquito trap.

1. The sticky paper must be resistant to high temperature and prevent deterioration.
2. The material for the outer frame of the mosquito killer lamp also requires high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. The length of the tube light wave should be between 320-365nm.