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Structural composition and function of ultraviolet sterilizer manufacturing

The processing and manufacturing of UV sterilizers is a device composed of UV lamps, UV electronic ballasts, reaction chambers, flanges or wires, sealing components, quartz sleeves, control boxes, etc. Widely used, the market demand is large, and the development is very rapid.

The ultraviolet lamp tube is a very important part of the UV Sterilizer. Its service life and quality are directly related to the disinfection effect and quality of the ultraviolet sterilizer. The service life of a good ultraviolet lamp tube can reach about 12,000 hours, but Because the decay of the UV irradiation dose during the use of the lamp will affect the killing effect, it is recommended to use imported UV lamps. Imported UV lamps cost a lot, but they can save energy, protect H, and have a higher use value.

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The reaction chamber of the ultraviolet sterilizer is a container for water to be sterilized in ultraviolet rays, which is mainly made of high-quality stainless steel, welded, polished and polished. The quartz sleeve in the UV sterilizer is also very important to limit the guarantee and effect of the UV C wave more Y-efficiency. The UV sterilizer flange is used to connect the water inlet and outlet of the water source. The quality of the flange is related to the N usage and pressure bearing capacity of the UV sterilizer interface. The UV sealing component is used in the UV sterilizer to protect the water inflow and outflow of the UV lamp tube. The quality of the rubber ring is related to the cleanliness of the water and the degree of N usage, because the rubber ring is directly exposed to water. Radiation is easy to age, resulting in a waste of cost.

The control box of the ultraviolet sterilizer is used to control the switch, start, protection and control of the ultraviolet lamp tube.

What is the role of UV sterilizer

1. Reliable: UV sterilizers are very simple in the whole process of application and installation, and they are not flammable or harmful themselves, and the cost is relatively small. Also very reliable.

2. The disinfection effect is very good: the ultraviolet sterilizer is based on the direct irradiation of the ultraviolet lamp, which destroys the DNA structure of the microbial strains, causing them to lose their specificity and stop breeding. Ultraviolet sterilizers can eliminate viral infections and germs in a short period of time.

3. No secondary pollution: The characteristics of ultraviolet sterilizers are that it is not easy to apply all organic chemicals or harmful substances, thus ensuring that the ultraviolet sterilizer is not easy to cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment or tap water.

4C bacteria cover a wide range: UV disinfection not only has a very good effect on C bacteria, but basically for all the bacteria that will exist in the water, the C bacteria range is very wide.

Ultraviolet disinfection equipment has many advantages, and is simple and convenient to use. It is a machine for sterilizing and purifying water.