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Summary of mosquito repellent methods for homestays

The necessity of repelling mosquitoes at homestays

A homestay is different from a commercial hotel, nor is it an ordinary hotel or guesthouse, it is a kind of "home" that is not one's own house. With the improvement of people's living standards and the recovery of the tourism and leisure industry, the prospect of homestays is more open and bright. Choosing a homestay is for experience and enjoyment. Therefore, mosquitoes, etc. will have a serious negative impact on the homestay. Mosquito repellent is very necessary.

Homestays pay attention to comfort and leisure. Unlike hotels, which are all located in downtown areas, homestays are mainly distributed in rural areas, suburbs and scenic areas. There are lush vegetation and beautiful scenery around the homestay, often accompanied by water bodies, which are also favorites of mosquitoes and are their habitats. It is inevitable that there are many mosquitoes in the homestay. What we need to do is how to repel mosquitoes and prevent mosquitoes for the homestay.

What are the mosquitoes in the homestay?

Before repelling mosquitoes at homestays, we must first find out what kind of mosquitoes are common in homestays in order to prescribe the right medicine. Mosquitoes are divided into males and females. The biting mosquitoes are females. Female mosquitoes must absorb blood to lead their own ovaries to develop and reproduce offspring. Therefore, female mosquitoes are also carriers of some diseases and must be vigorously controlled. Male mosquitoes mainly survive by sucking the leaf juice of plants. Although they are less harmful, flying around is also full of intrusions on people's outdoor activities. Therefore, both female and male mosquitoes must be properly controlled to improve the homestay environment. Of course, there should be a lot of mice, moths, and cockroaches in the homestay, but the control methods for these pests are relatively fixed, needless to say.

Homestay mosquito repellent method

1. Mosquito repellent plants.

Wormwood, bear's ear grass, fragrant dry chrysanthemum, calendula, etc. are all good mosquito repellent plants. Planting around the homestay has obvious effects on male mosquito control.

2. Install and use outdoor mosquito killer lamps.

Outdoor mosquito killer lamps can be installed in the yard. Mosquito Killing Lamp is an environmentally friendly mosquito killing equipment that relies on light waves to lure mosquitoes and high-voltage power grids to kill mosquitoes.
The effect of mosquito-killing lamps has been verified in villa courtyards, residential quarters, and park scenic spots, so it is also feasible for homestays to use outdoor mosquito-killing lamps.

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When choosing a homestay mosquito killer lamp, it is recommended that the AC mosquito killer lamp should be the main one, and the solar mosquito killer lamp should be supplemented. The environment of the homestay determines that the lighting conditions of the homestay may be insufficient. In places where mosquitoes often haunt, there are many tall plants blocking the sun, so the use of solar mosquito killer lamps has limitations. The AC mosquito killer lamp is connected to the 220v power supply, which can be planned and controlled in a unified manner, and is not affected by light, which is very suitable for homestay use. Of course, if the light conditions are good in some areas of the homestay, solar mosquito killers can be used.

Some precautions for mosquito repellent in homestay

1. Note that it is consistent with the overall design of the homestay.

Whether it is planting mosquito repellent plants or using outdoor mosquito killing lamps, it must be carried out under the framework of the overall style of the homestay, with reasonable collocation, and focus on the unity and aesthetics of the homestay environment.

2. Pay attention to the mosquito repellent effect of the homestay.

Ineffective methods of repelling mosquitoes are not good methods. In the design, construction or operation of the homestay, an effective method of repelling mosquitoes must be selected, so that the mosquitoes will not come and go, and provide tourists with a good homestay experience.