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The Design of Outdoor Mosquito Killing Lamp Realizes the Principle of Fly Killing Device

The outdoor mosquito killing lamp is a roller type fly killing device. The bait that attracts flies is made into sheet-like sockets and embedded on the roller. The attracted flies fall on the roller. When the electric drive rotates, the flies are closed. In the fly trap, the flies air dry and die and are easy to clean.

This Outdoor Mosquito Killer: Fully adaptable to the outdoor environment, not afraid of wind, rain and lightning, it is fully automatic in design. Mosquito control starts to kill mosquitoes at night, and automatically turns off during the day. There is a rain protection device, which automatically cuts off the power when it rains, and has a lightning protection grounding device. If the whole machine is dumped, it will automatically cut off the power, which is very safe and reliable.

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This outdoor environment mosquito and fly killer is suitable for installation in city squares, parks, villas, communities, hospitals, schools, institutions, sanatoriums, dry rest centers, tourist scenic spots, hotels, farmhouses, golf courses, sports venues, garbage dumps, It is suitable for use in vegetable markets, around urban waters, military camps, colleges and universities, collective canteens, farmers and other places that need to eliminate mosquitoes, flies and pests.