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The development of characteristics and performance of outdoor mosquito killers

1. Phototaxis

The performance of the outdoor mosquito killer first depends on the performance of the insect trap light source. The performance of the trap light source is the basis of the performance of the insecticidal lamp. The performance of the insect trap light source is mainly determined by the spectral range and light intensity. In the 320-680nm long-wave ultraviolet light and visible light spectral range, the wider the spectral range, the more species of trapping insects; the greater the light intensity, the greater the effective area. The light intensity depends on the type and power of the light source.

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2. rain, thunder and lightning

When the outdoor mosquito killer encounters rain, it will turn on the self-protection state. If the humidity is at 100%RH, it will automatically turn on the self-protection state. When the humidity reaches 90%RH, it can be restored to working condition.

3. Wide range of use

The application of new technologies has promoted the diversified development of outdoor mosquito killers, making them widely used in various fields such as agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture.

4. the booby trap is large

The outdoor mosquito killer has a large trapping range and a long service life.