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The household electric mosquito lamp must be powered off when cleaning the mosquito storage room

Mosquito Killer Lamp is the only mosquito-killing device that uses integrated technologies of light, smell and electricity. It can be said to be the most advanced and environmentally friendly product at present. Mosquitoes rely on the carbon dioxide breath emitted by the human body to find people, and when they sense the flow of carbon dioxide, they immediately fly towards this air flow.

Mosquitoes also have phototaxis and weak wind, and they are attracted to ultraviolet light. Mosquito Killer Lamp adopts ultraviolet light, which is the favorite of mosquitoes, to attract mosquitoes, and with the lukewarm effect, it can attract mosquitoes and flies in any direction; through the photocatalytic reaction between the ultraviolet light mosquito lamp and photocatalyst, it releases carbon dioxide and airflow, simulating the human body. The humid air of carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes to fly and gather in the window of the machine. The fan rotates the gas to suck the mosquitoes to the high-voltage power grid to achieve the effect of killing mosquitoes.

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Mosquito Killer Lamp is made of mosquito's heat-taxis and phototaxis characteristics. When it is powered on, the low-light lamp tube inside will emit low-light of a certain wavelength, so that mosquitoes will be electrocuted and die when they pounce on the power grid outside the lamp. The mosquito killer lamp is mainly composed of two parts, one is a special low-light lamp tube that can emit a certain wavelength, and the other is an electric grid with a high voltage of 1400 volts to 4000 volts.

As an environmentally friendly mosquito-killing product, the mosquito-killing lamp has a remarkable mosquito-killing effect, is smokeless, odorless, clean and hygienic and has low energy consumption. There are roughly 6 types of mosquito killer lamps on the market according to their working power, namely 6 watts, 12 watts, 20 watts, 22 watts, 30 watts and 40 watts.

For the average family, it is better to choose a 6-watt or 12-watt low-power mosquito killer. Because the mosquito killer is usually used in the bedroom, if the room is large and there are many mosquitoes, 20-watt and 22-watt lamps can also be considered. The bedroom is equipped with a 6-watt mosquito killing lamp, and the living room is equipped with a 12-watt mosquito killing lamp, and it is placed 1-2 meters above the ground and in an open space for the best mosquito killing effect.

It should be noted that the mosquito killer is a high-voltage electrical appliance, and its safety and reliability are very important. When people buy mosquito killer lamps, they should pay attention to the stores with guaranteed quality. Since the mosquito killer lamp has not been around for a long time, the production technology is not complicated, and the industry threshold is too low, which makes the product quality worrying.

According to data, more than 2/3 of the electronic mosquito killers currently on the market are unqualified. When purchasing, first check the mosquito killer lamp carefully to see if its workmanship is fine, whether the low-light lamp tube is placed horizontally and standardly, whether the gap between the two poles of the high-voltage grid is uniform and reasonable, and whether the outer protective net can play a role. protective effect. After thinking that there is no problem, turn on the power again to test the machine. When testing the machine, after the lamp is on, you can use a screwdriver with good handle insulation to reach into the protective net to touch the high-voltage grid. works fine.