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The purchase of book disinfection cabinets should be considered from many aspects

The book disinfection cabinet can be widely used in books and archives, food and beverage, biological products, genetic engineering, hospitals, chemical and other industries to sterilize molds, packaging materials, containers, work clothes, etc. , High ozone concentration, thorough disinfection and sterilization, and can be designed as a double-door, double-door chain according to user requirements, replacing the role of the transmission window.

The purchase of book disinfection cabinets should be considered from many aspects, there are mainly four requirements, including:

1. Appearance: The book disinfection cabinet has excellent workmanship, and there is no harsh place whether it is the outer shell or the internal support net of the book disinfection cabinet.

2. Style: Book disinfection cabinets are roughly divided into horizontal, cabinet, and wall-mounted types. It is recommended that consumers look at the styles in advance before the decoration of the new house, and set up the location of the book disinfection cabinet.

3. Material selection: Most of the inner liner of the book disinfection cabinet is made of stainless steel plate. After repeated high-temperature disinfection, there will be no discoloration and deformation, and no harmful substances will be produced.

4. Principle: The disinfection principles of book disinfection cabinets currently on the market are different. Usually, book disinfection cabinets with two disinfection methods (ozone disinfection and high temperature disinfection) are more thoroughly disinfected and are more suitable for home use.

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Next, I will introduce the commonly used book disinfection methods for you, including:

1. Microwave disinfection: For a small number of books, the method of household microwave disinfection can be used. Wrap the book files with a damp cloth and put them in the microwave oven for 5-10 minutes under the power of 650W.

2. Ozone disinfection: use a household ozone disinfection cabinet for disinfection, put the books in the disinfection cabinet, turn on the power, and last for more than 1 hour.

3. Ultraviolet disinfection: disinfection with a portable ultraviolet lamp, close-range irradiation, every page should be turned over, and the irradiation time per unit area should reach more than 30 seconds.

4. Sun exposure method: Expose the book to the sun for more than 8 hours, which can kill most microorganisms and also kill most book borers. Attention should be paid to frequent flipping during exposure.