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The safe UV sterilizer for your safety and that of your customers

Make your office, your cosmetic studio or your hotel a lot safer and fight bacteria and viruses with the UV sterilizer from sterilizerlist.

Whether several small or large objects: In the UV sterilizer, viruses and bacteria on the surfaces are fought effectively with UV-C light with an efficiency of 99.99%. Carrying out a sterilization with the sterilizerlist device is extremely easy and safe. No ozone is released and cleaning takes place in a safe container.

Effective and safe to use - the compact UV sterilizer from sterilizerlist

The UV light sterilizer is extremely spacious and easy to use. With a volume of 87 l, even several objects can be placed in the interior at the same time. Activate the UV-C light by setting the timer to the desired duration of 1 - 60 minutes. Usually you only need 5 minutes for a complete cleaning! The LED display gives you an overview of the duration of the treatment. The objects are extensively irradiated with UV-C light. Thanks to the reflective side surfaces, permeable stainless steel grids and the shiny floor, everything in the interior is thoroughly captured by UV light.

The UV-C lamps used have an operating time of 3,000 h or 1,000 applications. This means that the UV sterilizer can also be used without any problems for continuous use in large hotels or for cleaning office interiors.

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The compact table-top construction of the UV sterilizer is very stable and can be optimally aligned with the adjustable feet. The outer cladding and the interior made of stainless steel are extremely durable and easy to clean. Just like the housing, the door with a viewing window is also impermeable to UV-C light; when you open the door, the UV-C radiation switches off automatically. This makes the device extremely safe for the user.

UV light has a sterilizing effect that destroys all bacteria, germs and viruses with an efficiency of 99.99% on the surface of the equipment. The application is not only more effortless than with cleaning agents or with heat, but also much gentler. Even sensitive objects, such as touch screens, can be reliably sterilized with it. Since you do not need any chemical substances or ozone for sterilization, the form of cleaning is particularly environmentally friendly. Whether for non-medical tools in clinics or for objects in hotels, bars, offices or on exhibition areas, the spectrum for using the device is extremely diverse and effective in combating pathogens.