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Toothbrush used 3 weeks of bacteria reached 3 million

Since childhood, our parents have taught us to brush our teeth frequently. After all, a healthy and clean tooth is a bonus.

When you smile, you show good-looking teeth, which immediately makes you feel good!

However, we only know how to clean our teeth to make our teeth cleaner, but no one tells us that toothbrushes also need to be "bathed."

Studies have shown that a toothbrush placed outside can be infected by 180,000 bacteria in one night. After using the same toothbrush for three weeks, there are 3 million bacteria on the toothbrush.

It was also reported in CCTV programs that, in fact, the toothbrush we have been using contains 80 times the bacteria in the toilet! Unexpectedly, we actually "eat" this dirty 3 million bacteria every day! It's disgusting!

Moreover, the toothbrush has been placed in a humid environment for a long time, and there is also a washing cup that has accumulated dirt, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria!

If you or your family members often have bad breath, toothache, bleeding gums, or even abdominal pain, it is very likely that these toothbrushes full of bacteria are caused!

In order to prevent the toothbrush from "destroying" the mouth and body, this Y1-UV toothbrush sterilizer is worth starting!

UVC ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, the sterilization rate is 99.99%, intelligent and safe, so that family members no longer need to use "poisonous toothbrushes"!

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Recommended reason

1. UVC ultraviolet disinfection, dustproof and splash-proof, the sterilization rate is 99.99%, 360-degree purification brush head!

2. It can be used for 70 times on one charge, intelligent and safe to operate, protecting eyes and skin from harm

3. It can be used immediately after sticking, no drilling and no damage to the wall, easy to disassemble and easy to clean

UVC sterilization, dust-proof and splash-proof
Sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%

In everyone's cognition, it is generally believed that the ultraviolet germicidal lamp emits a purple light. But if you think so, you are very wrong!

In fact, the light of the ultraviolet lamp is green or greenish blue. Many other products on the market are ultraviolet lamps with ultraviolet light, which do not have the function of sterilization.

And our toothbrush sterilizer emits UVC ultraviolet light waves commonly used for sterilization.

Among the various wavelengths of ultraviolet light, such as UVA, UVB, and UVD, they do not have the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Only the short-wave ultraviolet UVC has the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

Among them, the ultraviolet wavelength of 253.7nm is the center wavelength of UVC, which is also a strong and effective wavelength for sterilization.

It can irradiate bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms through ultraviolet rays, destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in their cells, cause the death of microbial cells, and achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

For example, the common Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, its bactericidal effect can reach 99.99%!

Now it has 360-degree sterilization, as long as 10 seconds of irradiation, the bacteria hidden in the gap of the toothbrush will not survive!

More importantly, the semi-closed design of the suspension of the sterilizer prevents the toothbrush from being splashed by the water for washing hands and face.

At the same time, it also prevents dust from falling in the air, cuts off the growth conditions of bacteria, and makes bacteria have no place to stay!

Since you have it, the toothbrush is clean, brushing your teeth is more motivated, and your teeth will be whiter and healthier, making others fall in love with your smile!

There is no trouble of toothache and bleeding gums, the teeth are more chewy, the meals are delicious, and the meals have to be eaten a few more bites!

I will give you a quiet advice. After the toothbrush is disinfected with this sterilizer, the oral bacteria will be gone, and the bad breath will naturally be reduced. When you are intimate with your lover, you will not be embarrassed~