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UV sterilizer price and multi-barrier strategy and main sterilization process

Ultraviolet sterilizers are an ideal choice in a multi-barrier strategy to protect the safety of the water supply, so that the water is safer.

In some areas, in order to avoid the impact of various pathogens on health and protect the safety of water supply, many water plants adopt multi-barrier strategies (such as New York tap water).Ultraviolet rays can effectively inactivate microbes such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium that are resistant to burs. Some pathogens that cannot be inactivated by traditional disinfection methods. Many sewage plants use ozone or scum and UV disinfection combined with disinfection strategies to reduce the risk of pathogens that are resistant to chemicals. (Canada's Metro Vancouver Coquitlam plant uses ozone, scum, and UV).

UV sterilizer disinfection not only does not produce any disinfection by-products, but also does not affect the smell and taste of the water body. It is easily combined with the existing treatment process, and it will not affect and change the chemical properties of the water, and it will not be affected. The influence of the chemical properties of water (such as pH). Because the UV contact time is short (usually within 1 second), the UV system can be very compact, and it is easy to increase the UV disinfection process in the upgrade of existing water plants.

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UV sterilizer price water treatment-main disinfection process

The use of ultraviolet sterilizer as the main sterilization process unit can reduce or eliminate the contact time of chemical sterilization (determined by local regulations).

Roast gas disinfection is the traditional main disinfection process for drinking water. However, it will form disinfection by-products. Ultraviolet disinfection is a physical disinfection process, and no chemical substances are added during use and no disinfection by-products are produced. At the same time. , UV can also inactivate the advantages of protozoa that are resistant to burs, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

In some areas, ultraviolet sterilizer disinfection can provide all the disinfection needs including protozoa, bacteria and viruses (including 99.99% bacterial inactivation). In other areas, sewage ultraviolet sterilizer disinfection is the main disinfection process, and it will Add some chemicals, mainly used for disinfection and protection in the pipe network.