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What benefits can the use of UV sterilizer bring us?

The uv sterilizer mainly uses UVC ultraviolet rays (mainly 240 nanometers ~ 280 nanometers) with bactericidal effect to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) of microbial cells, causing growth cells and (or) regeneration The sex cells die, achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

The benefits of using UV sterilizer:

1. The rate of various viruses and bacteria in seawater, fresh water or other water bodies treated by the ultraviolet water disinfection system can reach more than 99.99%.

2. Disinfection of urban sewage, the total number of bacteria is reduced to less than 200/100ml, and E. coli is less than 20/100ml.

3. Under the premise that the removal rate of viruses and bacteria in the water body is above 99.99%, the treatment cost per ton of water is 4% to 1 cent (depending on the cleanliness of the water body).

4. Improve the breeding of seawater and freshwater seedlings, and the survival rate of aquaculture is more than 50% so far (depending on the survival rate without disinfection).

5. Improve the overall health of seedlings and breeding groups, and cultivate healthy seedlings and healthy adults.

6.Using ultraviolet pre-disinfection treatment for swimming pool water disinfection, the chlorine content in the water can be reduced to 0.5 mg/L, and the removal rate of viruses and bacteria can reach more than 99.99%.

7. Without changing the original ingredients, taste and color of various beverages and other fluid foods, the removal rate of pathogens such as bacteria and other pathogens can reach more than 99.99%.

8. UV disinfection is added to the corresponding water terminal, which can reach the standard of direct application of water.

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The use of ultraviolet sterilization by ultraviolet sterilizer:

The integrated water supply device is a better combination of water treatment and secondary water supply equipment, which saves the occupied area of ​​the equipment, and the integrated device changes the water supply method from the built-in equipment, combines with the demand water treatment process, and performs simultaneously with boosting, saving It saves time, saves electricity, and saves cost investment. Some water treatment equipment will be installed before the inlet pipe, and some will be required by customers to add a sterilizer after the outlet pipe and water tank, which can avoid secondary pollution or places with high water quality requirements.