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What configuration should the ultraviolet germicidal lamp used in the hospital meet?

Hospitals use ultraviolet germicidal lamps to use ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria in the air. But strong ultraviolet rays are harmful to the health of the eyes. When setting up, please avoid direct ultraviolet rays to the sight of patients or medical staff. Therefore, when there is no one, the ultraviolet lamp is used to disinfect the room.

According to the "Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings", outpatient and emergency departments, waiting rooms, infectious wards, clinics, toilets, and walkways in contaminated areas should be equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamps in infectious disease departments. The loop power supply should be controlled by the nurse's desk, and the medical staff should choose to perform ultraviolet disinfection at an appropriate time. The switch for controlling the ultraviolet lamp needs to be designed with obvious signs to distinguish it from ordinary lighting switches.

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The number of UV lamps is determined by the following formula:

When there are general hygiene requirements, N=4P2/H.V.F

When there is a high degree of sterilization requirements, N=0.05v/H.F

In the formula, the number of N ultraviolet germicidal lamps (calculated at 30W/piece);

P number of people in the room;

H Distance from germicidal lamp to equipment (m);

V room volume (m);

F Lamp efficiency (0.8 can be taken).

In the actual engineering design, the above formula can often be simplified and estimated. For general sanitary requirements, a lamp can be installed within 15-20 square meters. For high sterilization, the number can be doubled (such as infectious wards, toilets in contaminated areas). And walkways).

The above is the configuration of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the hospital that the editor tells you. You can simply understand it. The content is for reference only, you can contact us if you need consultation.